alarm upgrades

Depending on the age of your alarm system upgrading it can be an economic way of bringing your system up to date whilst saving money. This would involve using your existing cabling and PIRs. Should a problem be identified with either they will be replaced at additional cost.

We offer two options. They are both Hard Wired with the basic system upgradeable to send a text message on activation to named keyholders. The second system can be upgraded for Monitoring and Maintenance with Police response.

Euro Mini Prox (2)

With a host of accessories, the EURO offers maximum flexibility and ensures that each system can be individually tailored to the required application. The new generation Euro control panels are the ideal solution for EN 50131-1 Grade 2x Domestic Installations.

The Euro Mini Prox supports proximity tags as well as the conventional pin code for quick and simple setting and unsetting of the system.

1 x Euro Mini panel, 1 x Euro Mini Keypad, 2 x Prox tags, 1 x Live Bell Box

Full Service including consumables  Supplied and installed £379.00

Pyronex Euro 46S

6 Set Modes (Areas or level Sets). EoL or Double Pole Configuration. 8 onboard inputs (expandable to 46). Up to 6 set Points 75 User Codes / Tags. 1250 Log Events (includes 250 Access Log Events). Up to 40 Programmable Outputs Intelligent Set Enforcer. Two Way Wireless Technology. Compatible Up to 32 wireless inputs using Enforcer wireless devices SMS Messaging (optional modem) Compact Housing Grade 2 COMMERCIAL / RESIDENTIAL

1 x Euro 46S Panel, 1 x Euro 46S Keypad, 2 x Prox tags,1 x Live Bell Box

Full Service including consumables   Supplied and installed £399.00

Pyronex Euro 46SM Text On Activation

System specification as for Euro 46S but with Text On Activation. A landline telephone will be required. Supplied and installed £445.00

All equipment supplied and used is covered by 12 Months warranty


Alarm Upgrades

Alarm Upgrade

Alarm Upgrades