Burglar Alarms

Alarms are essentially available in two types, Wired and Wire Free. These are available as "Bells Only" or "Monitored" systems.

As the name implies a "Wired" system is connected via cables, whereas "Wire Free" operates via electronic signals.

A Bells Only system is one that rings when activated and relies on the owner/keyholder to attend the premises, investigate the cause for the alarm activation and take the necessary steps. The Law now stipulates that alarms, once activated, must not ring for more than twenty minutes and cannot re-arm themselves automatically.

Monitored alarms are connected to a Remote Monitoring Station providing 24 hour 7 days a week coverage. Once the alarm is activated, the monitoring station will be able to identify whether there is an intruder in the premises or another reason for the activation. Based on their assessment they will contact either the Police or the Keyholder.

Monitored systems normally include a maintenance contract to ensure the equipment is always kept in proper working condition. Other benefits include free technical support, Free engineer call out and often a reduction in insurance premiums.

Currently our top selling alarm system is the Pyronix Enforcer.

The Enforcer two way wireless system is the first truly High Security system on the market. The Enforcer 32WE supports 32 wireless and 34 wired inputs, 2 wireless external sirens, 32 keyfobs and proximity tags, 75 user codes, 19 programmable and automation outputs and a large variety of accessories.

The Enforcer 32WE is able to communicate to alarm receiving centres via a high speed PSTN or GSM modem. It combines unique automatic remote diagnostics features (ARM) for installers with the ability to communicate with the user via SMS messages.

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